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I have been successful in updating my LG Ally to the V9 Software, so I decided to put my updating tutorial here for someone who has the issue when updating.  LG Android Phones

CAUTION: any time you update your phone, you run the risk of bricking your phone. I will not be liable nor responsible for any damages. LG-Ally info

Following it the steps to update your LG Ally to v9 software, come with me,

  1. To download the VS740ZV9_04.S9_04.P58006.cab and save to your C drive.
  2. To download lg utils 0.4.2 update software and save to your C drive.
  3. Make a new folder labeled VS740.
  4. Place both files that you’ve downloaded into the folder ‘VS740’.
  5. Rename the cab file to VS740Zv9_04.cab.
  6. Extract the zip file’s contents to this folder.
  7. Hook your LG Ally Phone to your PC or Laptop via Usb cable
  8. Run KP500-Utils-En.exe in compatability mode for Windows XP SP2 and as an Administrator. (Only if you are not running windows xp)
  9. Choose option
  10. Type VS740 when it prompts for phone model number. Press Enter.
  11. Type VS740ZV9_04.cab when asked for the cab file. Press Enter. (You do not have to tell it what directory the cab file is in)
  12. Type VS740ZV9_04 when prompted for the version. Press Enter.
  13. It should now tell you it is loading and the familiar LG manual updater screen will appear with a log window below and start reading information from your phone and then it will flash it. If the firewall says its trying to access the web allow it. Your phone will switch to a screen that displays the LG and Verizon Wireless logo and say: DOWNLOADING! DO NOT UNPLUG!

It will flash the update to your phone and takes about 20 minutes to complete.
Once complete it will boot up and show the word android on the screen.

It looked like it hung at that screen but it didn’t it just took a while. Around 10 minutes.
Once this is complete you may unhook your phone from USB. LG Phone Problem and Solution

Congratulations! If successful you now have the v9 software on your LG Ally. Enjoy!

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