How to Unroot LG G2

Obviously, rooting your LG G2 will give many benefits to you such as full admin access, remove the unwanted applications, add the necessary applications and allows the installation of many custom ROMs etc. But we should know before doing it is that root device will make you void your warranty.

So, in order to get the warranty back on a rooted LG G2, you should do the unroot process on your device. Let’s start the tutorial on how to do this.

First of all, check your phone if is or is not rooted:

  • For the AT&T D800, Dial 3845#*800#
  • For the T-Mobile D801, Dial 3845#*801#
  • For the international D802, Dial 3845#*802#
  • ETC

Go to the bottom of the menu and click on “LG RCT” then to “Display Result”. You will see two possible results, Not rooted or Rooted.

Before continuing, make a full backup!!


  1. Download an official stock firmware/rom to your PC
  2. Boot your phone into Recovery
    • TWRP – Advanced Wipe, and the beams all but the SD.
    • CWM – Wipe Data / Factory Reset
  3. Go to the reset menu or advanced and click on turn off.
  4. While you press Volume+ connect the USB to the PC, enter Download Mode
  5. Follow this LG G2 Stock Firmware (Go Back to Stock) tutorial

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  1. For the first step I dialed the numbers… Mine is a D800. Nothing showed up. But it has paranoid android for sure. Do I still continue?

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