How to Unroot / Downgrade LG G Flex

Here is a guide about how to do unroot / downgrade LG G Flex. This tutorial will also unbrick a soft bricked phone.

WARNING: If you do something wrong, you can hard brick your phone. I take no responsibility if your mess up your phone in the process.

How to Unroot / Downgrade LG G Flex:

  1. Download and put the D95910c zip on your storage
  2. Go to the play store and get the Freedom Flex app
  3. Now before you go any further make sure you have the on your storage
  4. Now install the recovery of choice I used cwm then reboot into recovery
  5. This is where you can not be stupid you need to pay attention here
  6. Factory set and then flash the zip the reboot and you’ll now be on Jelly Bean for whatever reason


If you want the tap on screen to work after downgrade dial 3845#*959# (T-Mobile) then settings and update touch firmware and thank Justin.

  • For At&t dial 3845#*950#
  • For Sprint dial 3845#*995#


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