How to Unlock the LG Optimus GT540

The purpose of this tutorial is to tell someone who have purchased a SIM unlock code for the LG Optimus GT540, if so, you can enter your code in the following way. LG Android Phones

  1. Start your LG Optimus GT540 Android Phone
  2. Click the icon to open the phone dialer
  3. Enter 2945#*540# and press send
  4. Enter the provided unlock code (which you have purchased)
  5. Click ‘Unlock’ , then it’s done.

Your LG Optimus GT540 must be unlocked now, have a good day! LG Phone Problem and Solution

LG Optimus GT540 Phone Photos – LG Cell Phone Pictures



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  1. my friend tryed to get into my phone and has locked it! now it is saying enter my gmail account but it wont let me does anyone what to do? if so email me please, thankyou !

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