How to Unlock / Relock bootloader LG G Watch R

Here is a simple tutorial on how to unlock/relock bootloader your LG G Watch R. You need ADB and an understanding of how to use it.

Warning: You do this at your own risk!!! This could turn your G Watch R into a very expensive paperweight!!! If you don’t know how to do it or are uncomfortable DON’T DO IT!!!


How to Unlock / Relock bootloader LG G Watch R:

  1. Download and install SDK (ADB & Fastboot) to your PC
  2. Enable Developer Options: "OK Google" -> Settings -> about Device -> Tab Build Number 7 times -> go back to main Settings -> enter Developer Options -> enable ADB Debugging
  3. Connect your G watch R with the Charging Dock to your PC
  4. Open command prompt, type the following in command prompt. Be sure that your device is listed, it should be random numbers.
    • adb devices
  5. Command your device to unlock the bootloader
    • fastboot oem unlock
  6. Verify that your bootloader is indeed unlocked.
    • fastboot oem device-info

Congratulations You Have Successfully Unlocked Your Bootloader

Note: Unlock will VOID your Warranty, type the following will relock the bootloader and regain the warranty:

  • fastboot oem lock

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