How to Unlock LG Pop GD510

I had just found a tutorial on how to unlock the LG Pop GD510, following is the full instruction. I have never tried before. If you have the time and interest, try implementing some of the tactics listed in this article. Good luck! LG Phone Problem and Solution

How to unlock the LG Pop GD510 Steps:

you need new lg ui because on old don’t work

first install new lg ui and download that files

copy IFWD_DownloadDll.dll in lg ui folder\extensions
then other files copy to C:\
you need to have flb file big 578kb
you will get that file when you will extract .wdb file
that file is named slb_large_block_16_bit_paging.flb
move slb_large_block_16_bit_paging.flb to c:\
open lg ui
write C:\slb_large_block_16_bit_paging.flb

output folder write C:\STATIC_EEP

section STATIC_EEP

then turn off your mobile and klik download
then connect your phone with computer

then open your old lg utilist
write P

then you will get your unlock code

turn on your phone

Type 2945#*510#

select UnLock USIM

then Network Unlock

and enter your code

now you have unlocked LG Pop GD510. LG-Pop info

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  1. Hello,
    where can I find wdb file with slb_large_block_16_bit_paging.flb?
    It is not in your post.
    Thank you

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