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An LG Optimus Hub can be unlocked with an unlock code. Since the LG Optimus Hub is a gsm phone we know that it may likely come with a SIM lock that will prevent the LG Optimus Hub from working with foreign or unaccepted SIM cards. Therefore in order to unlock your cell phone and get service with someone else, you will need to remove this SIM lock. LG Android Phones

Unlock Instructions for LG Optimus Hub:

  1. insert original sim card and turn phone on.
  2. Press telephone icon at bottom of screen to bring up the phone keypad
  3. Enter 2945#*510#
  4. A menu will pop up, select sim unlock
  5. Enter your unlock code and press ok
  6. The phone will then reboot and the unlock is complete.

or you can: LG Phone Problem and Solution

  1. Insert not allowed SIM card
  2. Power on your LG Optimus Hub will display phone restricted
  3. Select Cancel phone will display phone restriction code
  4. Enter the SIM unlock code which you bought
  5. Select OK the handset is now successfully unlocked

How to get an LG Optimus Hub unlock code for free? UnlockPhoneNetwork.com can give your unlock code for free if you follow this procedure: LG-Optimus info

  1. Contact them, and let them know.
  2. Go to UnlockPhoneNetwork-Unlock Cell Phone, Cell Phone Unlock Codes, Cell Phone Unlocking, How to unlock a phone and purchase your unlock code
  3. Make a video of yourself unlocking your LG Optimus Hub and post it on youtube.com
  4. Send them the link with the video uploaded on youtube and they will refund you purchase.
  5. If you have any questions regarding this procedure or any other questions, please contact them at support@UnlockPhoneNetwork.com

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