How to Unlock LG Optimus 2X P990

Do you have an LG Optimus 2X? The much anticipated android phone from LG has just been released and it is a huge success. Have any idea to unlock the LG Optimus 2X? We introduce you here that the following method will VOID your warranty but will easily and fast unlock the LG Optimus 2X using an unlocking code. LG Phone Problem and Solution

How to Unlock LG Optimus 2X P990 Steps:

  1. Insert a not accepted SIM Card and turn ON your LG Optimus 2X
  2. Type in 2945#*990# on your handset.
  3. Press Send.
  4. Enter the Unlock CODE you received from
  5. Your LG Optimus 2X is now unlocked! LG-Optimus info

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