How to Unlock LG Leon

This is a tutorial on how to Enter Unlock Codes on LG Leon (Unlock Codes needed):

Unlocking an LG Leon is a quite simple process. Please follow these steps :

  1. Get the unique unlock code of your phone.
  2. Switch phone on with no SIM card
  3. Go to dial screen by clicking call button.
  4. Enter 2945#*Model number# to access the SIM Unlock hidden menu.
  5. Select Service Provider lock or Network Lock
  6. Enter the unlock code.
  7. Click Done.
  8. Click Unlock.

Tap the Dialer

  • For LG Leon MS345, type 2945#*345#
  • For LG Leon H340, H340Y, and H340N type 2945#*340#
  • For LG Leon H320 and H320N type 2945#*320#
  • For LG Leon H324 and H324N type 2945#*324#
  • For LG Leon H326 and H326T type 2945#*326#
  • For LG Leon H343 type 2945#*343#

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