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Below is the instruction on how to unlock LG KS360 Neon which I found on GSM forum. This works without uploading anything to the phone. Just follow the instructions carefully.

Caution: Though it woks on my KS360 Neon, but still i am not liable for damaged if you attempt this! And mess it up even though I have not found any reason why it would not work! LG Phone Problem and Solution

What you need before unlocking LG KS360 Neon:

How to unlock LG KS360 Neon step by step:

1 / Uninstall all drivers and LG "LG PC Suite". ( To Do With LG Phone )
2 / Restart the PC for the changes to take effect.
3 / Go to Install all the "SetUp" files ".exe" in the DRIVERS download you downloaded.
4 / Turn off your phone and remove the battery and SIM.!! (MUST DO)
5 / Connect to the PC. It is normally detected as a "Flash Loader Utility. (Still without battery and sim)
6 / Unplug the phone ( once it says installed flash utility )

7 / Place the (KS360.flb File(UnZipped)) in the disc drive C:/ Or D:/
8 / Run "KS360-Utils-EN.exe" Press: O (Backup STATIC_EEP partition…)
9 / Type: O (Backup STATIC_EEP partition…) and hit Enter
((( Enter All This WITHOUT SPACES!! )))!
10 / Type: \\.\USB1 then Press Enter (Sometimes it might not be USB1 might be 0 – 5+)
12 / Type: STATIC_EEP ( Remember Capitals or it will always fail )!! Its not fun! trust me )
13 / Now Here is what i do differently to what all the guides anywhere else say normally it says

press enter wait just over a second or so and plug the phone in ( Didn’t work on a few pcs for me) So what i do is Plug The phone in the second the PC makes a noise to say the USB is plugged in the little " dum dum " sound i press enter then.

" chosen: O
DLL version: 4.4,2.0
USB (Ex: \\.\ usb1): \\.\usb1
sec file – package (Ex: c:\KS360_psi.flb): C:\KS360_O \ KS360_psi.flb
Data file: C: \ STATICEEP
Loading …
Open port … Connect the phone
Sending sec – Pack …
package sent …
reception of data in memory in progress …
Restarting the phone …
Restart performs …
port firm "

If everything went well you have two files in the root of where your
ks360 utility is one saying static_eep.big and one just saying static_eep
(Delete the static_eep.big its nto needed) place the other file static_eep
with the ks360.flb file in your disc drive.
( You can turn the phone on now with the sim card inside )
14 / Still in the program KS360 Utils en.exe , Type P ( Unlock )
15 / Type D:\STATIC_EEP or C:\STATIC_EEP ( Press enter )
16 / A 8-digit code should appear, WRITE IT DOWN OR JUST KEEP THE PROGRAM OPEN!
17 / Enter the following number (as if you were dialing a phone number): 2945#*71001#
18 / Enter the 8 digit code that you have recovered and do "OK"

Here is your LG KS360 Neon is unlocked.

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Don on 15 February, 2010 at 9:44 am #

Raguvaran on 29 March, 2010 at 7:00 am #

dude thanks for sharing…am happy tosay tat it worked for me and i unlocked my LGKP501 with the same procedure though i had some problemsbut i managed to bring it up..

and one more thing for KP500/1 the file is KP500.flb

if any of you having the problem in the same mail me back i will try to give the solution.

lilalbey on 29 May, 2010 at 10:55 pm #

hey mate thanx for sharin i got my fone unlocked but it took me a while lol

atwardak on 3 August, 2010 at 10:53 am #

Thanks you. It`s great tut. I unlocking my KS360 for free and this work fine 🙂

Natacha on 1 July, 2011 at 8:06 pm #

Hello !! I don’t have an usb cable anymore… How can I unlock my phone ? Can you send me the nck code please ? and what information you need to do this ?
Thank you forward,
Best regards,

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