How to Unlock LG 900G / GW300

Here is the unlock guide for LG 900G/GW300 that I just want to share with you. If you have seen this, just ignore it. Now let’s begin the steps.

All things you will need:

MTK_Download_Setting, SETUP_GSMULTI_V30, GW300_090625.dll y GW300AT-00-V10c-404-XXX-SEP-30-2009+0_TotalBin

Okay, now step by step to install these files:

  1. Install gsmmulti
  2. Install mtk_download setting
  3. Infinion USB driver, and TI_Neptune driver
  4. Copy the firmware folder to the GSMulti folder on c:
  5. Restart your computer
  6. Take the battery out of your phone plug your usb cable into your phone but not the computer
  7. Run USBMap_V01, select Infinion at the top of program window, press mapping start, plug the usb cable into your computer, when usbmap finds your phone press save & exit.
    Unplug the usb cable from computer.
  8. Run GSMulti, go into configuration and select the Dll file and FLS files that are in the folder and select USB in port information and select ok
  9. Press Start and then connect the USB cable to the computer, flashing should now start.

Okay, now you can use lgtool to get the unlock code

  1. power phone ON without SIM
  2. type 2945#*71001# to enter unlock menu
  3. enter unlock code or codes

Have fun unlocked to any network

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4 thoughts on “How to Unlock LG 900G / GW300”

  1. “Copy the firmware folder to the GSMulti folder on c:”

    What firmware? Is it one of the files listed or no? Never flashed a phone before so I need more detailed instructions 😛

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