How to Unlock Bootloader on MetroPCS LG Optimus L70 MS323

Quick and easy tutorial for unlocking the bootloader for MetroPCS LG Optimus L70 MS323.

Do this AT YOUR OWN RISK and I don’t guarantee it will work on all MetroPCS LG Optimus L70 (but successfully done on my phone).

Warning: Make backup before unlocking bootloader. This procedure will wipe the /data partition of your phone, so you will loose all your stored data, settings. SDCARD will BE WIPED!!!


NOTE: Must have busybox installed on your device, have USB debugging enabled, and the phone plugged in and set as charge only.

How to Unlock Bootloader on MetroPCS LG Optimus L70 MS323:

  1. Download the and extract it to your PC
  2. Install fastboot and adb. All of which is included in the
  3. Run script:
    • Windows Users: Open the bootloader folder and press shift + right click, select "Open Command Window here". In command prompt, type:
      • laf_script.bat
    • Linux Users: Open terminal with ctrl + alt + t and cd to the folders directory.
      • cd ~/Desktop/bootloader_unlock_part1
    • In the folder, right click the file, go to properties, and allow the file to execute as program. Now in terminal, type:
      • ./
  4. Power off your device, plug in your usb to your computer, power on and hold volume up until in fastboot mode. If your phone boots to download mode then something didn’t work right, be sure you followed every instruction.
  5. Open Command prompt or terminal and cd to the same directory as your scripts, once there, type:
    • fastboot devices
  6. Be sure that your device is listed, it should be random numbers.
    • fastboot oem unlock
  7. Verify that your bootloader is indeed unlocked.
    • fastboot oem device-info

Congratulations You Have Successfully Unlocked Your Bootloader

All credits to “Android Addict, junkie2100, Cheetopocalypse, biggiephil, bobdamnit, LoneStar, and PlayfulGod”


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8 thoughts on “How to Unlock Bootloader on MetroPCS LG Optimus L70 MS323”

  1. Hello
    Thanks for the descriptive post. Can u pls confirm if memory card need to be present on phone before we run 1st step.

    Thanks in advance


  2. please help me. i have a LG L70. but its not ‘MS323’. its ‘D325’. is it working for my L70 ‘D325’ also? otherwise how can i unlock bootloader?

    another Q. dou have any custom rom for L70 D325? plz hlp.

  3. If i set the phone to charge only Ubuntu will not pick up the phone
    $adb devices
    ????????????no permissions

    so i used MTP
    got the now infamous
    remoted object ‘/sdcard/Download/laf.img’ does not exist

    also…no key press combo or $adb reboot recovery
    will get me into recovery mode
    only safe mode

    please help
    thanks in advance

  4. Thanks it worked great everything Ive gotto from this site is a huge help and brian any time u need MS32310c Ill give it to you but its not supported towel root so you have to grime though it the old way anyway thanks again for this blog its saved my ass several times

  5. Can you please help me does seem work
    because when it tries to zero out the laf partition it says /dev/block/platform/msm_sdcc.1/by-name/laf:write error: no Space left on device.

  6. I keep getting the download mode
    [460] fastboot_init()
    [460] Error: allocating memory for ssd buffer
    [490] USB int ept @ 0x7ab100
    [510] ubc_start()
    [670] — reset —
    [680] — portchange —

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