How to Unlock Bootloader on LG Optimus L7

There is a good news for LG Optimus L7 P700/P705 owners that finally after countless hours of searching on internet, I find the guide about how to unlock bootloader on the device.

Download the tool: [Link1] [Link2] [Link3]

Instructions for unlocking Bootloader on LG Optimus L7

  1. Download the tool attached above and extract it to C:
  2. Make sure you have USB debugging enabled. Phone should be in "Charge only" mode.
  3. Connect your LG Optimus L7 into the PC via USB cable.
  4. Go into the C:\L7CWM folder and run Flash_Bootloader.bat your phone will then restart, now you have the bootloader unlocked

Caution: This will be removed after you flashing a stock recovery.

If you want to install CWM:

After phone reboot completely, open again the same folder and run Flash_Recovery.bat this will flash the new custom touch controlled recovery and phone should restart again.

Not sure if Root access is needed (I have already rooted my phone before trying this). So if you encounter issues while unlocking, please root your phone and try it again. Good luck.

Credits to NormanD

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    @SET ADB=c:\l7cwm\adb
    %ADB% wait-for-device
    %ADB% reboot recovery

    do we have to create an /adb folder and put adb files in it.

  2. Before unlocking bootloader with this manual I have bootloop on my phone (LG P715). What can I do with my phone? I don’t can to load my phone in Recovery mode(

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