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Caution: I am not responsible for you bricking your device or causing any kind of damage to it. You follow this guide AT YOUR OWN RISK! That being said, let’s get to the unlocking!

What you need before Unlocking Bootloader?

  • A rooted LG L90
  • SDK/ADB Drivers installed
  • Go to menu > general > about phone > Hardware information / Software information to check out which device and software version you’re running

If your LG L90 model number is D405, D405n or D410, you’ll need a modified aboot.bin to unlock the bootloader. Go to the bottom of this post and download the file with your model and software version.

How to unlock bootloader on LG L90 D405, D405n and D410

  1. Go to the bottom of this post and download the file. Extract the aboot.bin in the zip file to a folder on your PC.
  2. Make sure you have installed SDK/ADB drivers
  3. Open a CMD window an CD to the folder where you’ve saved the aboot.bin you’ve downloaded.
  4. Connect your LG L90 to your PC
  5. Execute the following commands:
    • adb push aboot.bin /storage/external_SD/aboot.bin
    • adb shell
    • su
    • dd if=/dev/block/platform/msm_sdcc.1/by-name/aboot of=/storage/external_SD/stockaboot.bin
    • dd if=/storage/external_SD/aboot.bin of=/dev/block/platform/msm_sdcc.1/by-name/aboot
    • exit


If your model number is D415, please use this method to unlock the bootloader:



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