How to Unbrick LG Optimus One

There is a way to unbrick LG Optimus One. LG Android Phones

First disable all LGE modems under modems from windows device manager..
Make sure you have LG united mobile drivers installed.. Or just Google for it..
Charge your LG Optimus One before proceeding even if the backlight is always on..

Things required:
Kdz updater:
xda-developers – View Single Post – KDZ_FW_UPD English version
Stock rom:
[ROMS] Original LG Firmware list – xda-developers
USB cable, Windows PC with administrator account..

Then press and hold both the back(return) button and the volume up button and simultaneously connect the USB cable..
The LG Optimus One should light up and say Emergency mode!! in a green background.. If it goes to emergency mode, it can be fixed… Even at your home…
Then decompress the 7z, install msxml.msi from the uncompressed directory and run KDZ_FW_UPD.exe (With administrator rights by right clicking and selecting run as administrator).
Select Type : 3GQCT and PhoneMode: DIAG, select the kdz file and flash the stock ROM… It would take about 15 minutes.. If the kdz updater crashes, change compatibility mode or restart the computer and phone or do something till it works (Retry retry retry)… LG Phone Problem and Solution

Follow any one choice:

Choice 1:
If you want your LG Optimus One  to have all the data before you bricked it, just disconnect the usb when the phone shows the charge screen as if you are charging the phone while it is switched off.. (This was discovered accidentally by me so try it at your own risk) After disconnecting try to power on the normal way and it should work and the phone should be like it was never bricked.. If it doesn’t boot retry flashing from the start.. If it starts and all your data is restored root it, install titanium backup and backup all your apps and data and save the contents of sdcard\titaniumbackup to your pc.. Then copy all you want in your sdcard to your pc.. Then redo all the steps without disconnecting till the kdz flasher says FINISHED.. This is because if you disconnect the usb in the middle, only half the rom would be installed which is unstable.. After installing the full rom, root it, and install titanium backup and copy all the copied content back to sdcard\titaniumbackup and restore them using titanium backup.. That’s it..

Choice 2:
If you do not want the data and if you need to do a risk-free unbrick, then flash with the kdz updater and wait till it says FINISHED.. That’s it.. LG-Optimus info

Now that you know how to unbrick LG Optimus One, try installing what bricked your LG Optimus One again but in the correct way… good luck and hope this is of some help to you.

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7 thoughts on “How to Unbrick LG Optimus One”

  1. I Think this will help a lot of people… But let’s be clear: A phone is really bricked when FS Boot or Emergency Mode is not working anymore, which it’s was my case, then you need to bring it to an exchange on warranty or to someone who have a flash box. Nice tutorial 🙂

  2. please help, didn’t word for me:

    [R&D Test Tools Log File]

    11:22:30 : Launching SW update
    11:22:30 : Unpacking KDZ
    11:22:45 : KDZ file extraced
    11:22:46 : Files were extracted.
    11:22:46 : LGMobileDL Load.
    11:22:46 : Port = -1
    11:22:46 : Connecting to phone
    11:22:46 : PHONE WAS NOT FOUND!
    11:22:48 : ===FINISHED===

    Vista says:
    your devices are ready to use
    the software for this device has been successfully installed
    LGE Android platform composite USB device Ready to use
    LGE Android platform USB modem Ready to use
    Unidentified Device Searching preconfigured driver folders

    Phone itself is in Emergency Mode!!
    with yellow background

    Thanks in advance!

  3. My phone was in water for 15s, and now doesnt start up..i need help, for it goes into the yellow emergency screen, but doesnt respond when i connect it to my computer, thats why the software update (KDZ) doesnt work either.

    HELP :S

  4. I did this and all went well until the phone reboots. The problem here is that it gets stuck on the ANDROID boot-animation screen. What to do? Please help.

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