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If you don’t need the 3G connection your LG Chocolate Touch, for sure turn it off,  the following is the LG Chocolate Touch’s ctory default Dual Mode and it’s easy to access the menu. Turning off the 3G connection will save your LG Chocolate Touch’s battery more or less. LG Phone Problem and Solution

Turning off the 3G connection on your LG Chocolate Touch Steps:

1. Unlock phone and open up the Dialer app thing.
2. Type in ##PROGRAM8575 (##7764726) and click Call
3. type in all zeros
4. Click Network Select then Mode Preference
5. click 1X Only

then it will stay on the 1X network, and turn off 3G

To restore 3G, follow the same steps, and select "Automatic". This setting will remain in effect until you change it.  Cycling the power does not reset this. LG-Chocolate Touch info

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