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Android Operating System has various problems when it runs out of memory, one of the most common problems you’ll encounter is not being able to send or receive TXT messages.  So, what do you do when your LG phone tells you it’s low on memory? Here is the best advice we’ve pulled out of our forums from many threads discussing this very topic!

1) Ensure you have an SD card installed in your LG phone.

2) Move apps to your SD card:  Settings -> Applications -> Manage Applications -> Select an app -> Move to SD card. 

Note: Some apps are not capable of being moved to the SD card.

3) Move ALL media files to SD card (music, videos, etc).  Using a file manager app such as Astro makes this process easy.

4) Delete TXT and MMS messages (you can back them up to your PC with 3rd party tools)

5) Empty Browser History and Cache (While in Browser app: Menu -> More -> Settings)

6) Delete all apps you do not use

7) Turn off all widgets.  (They use up battery, cpu, and memory)

8) Do not install apps that run in the background

9) In extreme cases it may be best to do a full reset on the LG phone (deletes ALL apps and data).  This allows you to start with a clean slate.  At that point you can start adding content and apps back slowly to your LG phone and it will make it easier to troubleshoot what is causing the low memory situation.

10) There are also apps in the Android Play store which allow you to tweak settings and what apps are loaded into memory during launch process which some might find useful in very low memory situations…but we don’t recommend using these apps unless you cannot resolve low memory any other way.

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Brandon on 20 July, 2012 at 12:55 pm #

The deleted emails on the standard e-mail app on Android 2.2 are not actually deleted, they are just in the deleted folder. You will have to go into the folder and delete each e-mail in the deleted folder. This probably took 15-20 mb of space on my phone.

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