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How to tether T-Mobile G2X Steps:

  1. Make sure the LG T-Mobile G2X proprietary windows drivers are loaded by installing the LG desktop app.
  2. Plug your T-Mobile G2X in to the PC via USB. About seven drivers should install on the PC.
  3. On the phone screen, when the android asks "turn on USB storage," don’t. Hit the home button. LG Phone Problem and Solution
  4. Go to Settings>Wireless & network>Tethering
  5. Select USB tethering (which will be greyed out if something above didn’t work).

I’ve downloaded and installed the proprietary USB driver and my phone tethers via USB cable without any problem. If you check for updates in the LG app it’ll display the drivers as a stand-alone download so you won’t have to use the full app on multiple computers. The version of the USB drivers on the UK site are newer than the US which is why I used this driver. The app is universal and will recognize your country, phone model, and S/W version. Good luck. LG Android Phones

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