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To tether LG Optimus 7 is a really handy thing for me. I use it infrequently, but it’s really invaluable when I need it. I’ve modified the solution that’s been posted around, to be specific to Fido, but to clarify a couple of the screens, as well. LG Windows Phone 7

How to Tether and Wireless Sync LG Optimus 7 Steps: LG Phone Problem and Solution

1. If you haven’t already, install Zune first. While tethering is enabled, Wired Sync on Zune won’t work. But Zune has wireless synch, which is way cool anyhow.
2. Set up Wireless Sync on Zune. I won’t go into all the details, but basically, make sure that the phone is connected to the WiFi network, that your PC has access to the same network (it can be hardwired, as long as it has access to the same IP subnet). If you have a guest/work router, make sure that both your phone and PC are on the same network. With your LG Optimus 7 plugged in, run the Wireless Sync wizard on Zune. It’s painless.
3. Unplug your LG Optimus 7.
4. Press Phone, and dial ##634#, then press the Call button. This makes visible a hidden app called "MFG". Go to the list of all your apps, and you’ll see a new icon with a hammer, wrench and screwdriver lablelled MFG. Open it.
5. You’ll be asked for a password. Enter 277634#*# — you’ll need to enter this password every time you want to go into MFG, which is a good thing, because I think you can seriously mess up your phone if you play around in there.
5. Go to Engineer -> Port Setting
6. Select the QC COMPOSITE and validate. The phone will automatically reboot.
7. VERY IMPORTANT STEP: This is totally counter-intuitive, but you must go to SETTINGS -> Cellular and turn OFF Data Connection.
Note that once you’re done tethering, you need to turn it back ON in order to use Internet on the phone.
8. Connect the LG Optimus 7 with a USB cable.
9. Windows will automatically detect the phone, and if you’re using Windows 7, will prompt you with a popup with the download link for the LG driver. It says LG CDMA driver, but it works. The full file name is LGUSBModemDriver_Eng_WHQL_Ver_4.9.4_All.exe
10. Once the drivers are installed, click start, and type "Modem", click Phone and Modem.
11. Click Modems, double-click LGE CDMA USB MODEM, click the Advanced tab.
12. Under Extra Initialization Commands, enter:
Replace internet.fido.ca with a different provider APN, if you’re not with Fido, obviously.
13. Close the Modems screen, click Start, type "Dial" and click Set up a Dial-up Connection.
14. Enter your home area code because Windows forces you to, and go to the next screen. Then enter as the dialing number:
Leave the login/password blank. Click connect — and PRESTO! Tethered LG Optimus 7.

Once you’re finished tethering, you need to turn Data Connection back on. For some reason, when Data Connection is on, tethering doesn’t work. Fortunately, it’s a pretty simple toggle to switch. I hope that this is helpful! LG-Optimus info

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