How to take a screenshot on LG Spectrum 2 VS930

If you have yet to realize with Android 4.0 on your LG Spectrum 2 VS930, you now can start taking screenshot without rooting it!

How to capture and edit screenshots on LG Spectrum 2 VS930:

  1. Just simply Press and hold the Volume Up and Down keys at the same time.
  2. Or tap the Quick Memo icon located in the Notifications Panel.
  3. Now tap the Pen icon located at the top of the screen to edit your pen options.
  4. Select a new pen color and tap the Pen icon again to close the options menu.
  5. You can EDIT your screenshot by drawing on the screen using your finger.
  6. To finish editing, tap the X icon located at the bottom of the screen.

PS: Screen captured are saved in /sdcard/ScreenCapture.

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