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This tutorial has been tested and works great on my LG Pop GD510, hope it helps you!

Carry your Google Calendar in your LG Phone! GCalSync is an open source application that lets you do a two-way synchronization between Google Calendar and your LG Phone’s built-in calendar. Download events to your LG Phone, or add an event on your LG Phone and upload it to Google Calendar.

You can also download the files here if you prefer to install via USB, Bluetooth or infrared (see your LG Phone’s manual for how to do this).

hgcalsync.jar signed version – for most LG Phones 

NEW: Version 1.1.1 released, a bug fix to the first version after I open sourced GCalSync. Source code is available in the Subversion repository on Sourceforge. New in version 1.1:

Time zone options: you can specify an offest if you have problems with events being a couple of hours off.
Download/upload options: choose if you want to just download events from GCal, just upload evnets from the LG Phone, or both.
Known problems:
Changes and deleteions on the LG Phone are not uploaded. I am getting error messages from GCal when I do this so it is disabled for now.
On some LG Phones events get duplicated in GCal every time you sync. Use the new upload(download option to turn off uploading if this affects you.

GCalSync is developed by Thomas Oldervoll, Zenior AS. Please post feedback, bugs, suggestions etc to the GCalSync Google group. If you want to contact the developer directly, try .

Download events from Google Calendar to your LG Phone’s calendar
Upload events created on the LG Phone

If an event has been changed in Google Calendar since last sync it will be updated on the LG Phone
Specify time period you want to sync as number of past days (default: 1) and number of future days (default 30)
GCalSync is still in its early stages, so expect some rough edges. Known limitations:
If an event has been changed on the LG Phone, the changes will not be uploaded to Google Calendar
Reminders not supported
Recurring events are treated as multiple events

The most commons problems are various difficulties connecting to the network. First make sure your LG Phone and subscription supports packet data. Merely having WAP working might not be enough since there are some problmes connecting through a WAP gateway. If Google Maps Mobile works for you this should be fine, though.

Several users (mostly BlackBerry but also Nokia) have reported success after disabling proxy. Special thanks to

Craig Foley was the first to report this solution to me – he might have or might not have picked up the solution from jengen in this thread. Craig sent these instructions on how to disable proxy on BlackBerry:

Choose Options -> Security Options -> TLS -> TLS Default
Choose Handheld (not "Proxy")
ZerOwl was the first to report that disbaling proxy solves (at least some of) the connection problems on Nokia Nokia S60 Phones (N-series, E-series, 9000-series and more):

Choose Menu -> Settings -> Connection -> Access points -> "Connection name"
Choose Options -> Advanced
Set Proxy serv. address to blank (i.e., remove the address)
See screenshot 1 and screenshot 2 of Zer0wl’s settings.



joe zack on 18 April, 2010 at 10:31 pm #

i got lgvx9700 teleus from canada,,after reading your instructions flashed the phone to verizon now i have this problem ,pleas use genue battery the phone is shutting down in 10 sec ,need a slution please thank you ,,i try every battery and the phone is brandnew,,,full charged batery didnot help me either………….thank you,,,,,,,

Stefan Aronsen on 23 April, 2011 at 6:53 pm #

For LG Chocolate Touch…
Use this… it’s awesome!!!

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