How to Sync LG Chocolate Touch with WMP?

If you have a Verizon LG Chocolate Touch, you must want to know how to Sync Music with Windows Media Player on your Verizon LG Chocolate Touch. Following the instruction below step by step that I pasted from howardforum. Hope it helps, enjoy! LG Phone Problem and Solution

Before you go downloading any CDMA Modem drivers or etc, try this simple idea that worked for me:
1) Open up Windows Media Player 10 (this may work for 11 also). Go to the Sync tab.
2) Connect the phone up to the computer via USB. Windows should recognize a device has been pluggged-in but may not have a driver for (it will ask, just click cancel)
3) On the phone go to Settings > USB Auto Detection and select Media Sync Mode. The computer should immediately recognize the phone as “LG VX8575 Internal Memory”
4) You may get a pop-up window asking about automatically syncing music for you. Close it. LG-Chocolate Touch info
5) On the right side of the Windows Media player window you should now see the “LG VX8575 Internal Memory” selected in the drop-down list and it will have avalible the list of all the music currently on it. To remove a song right-click and select “Delete from Device”
6) To add music drag-n-drop or add them to the “Sync” play list and then go back to the Sync tab and hit “Start Sync”. If it starts to convert songs that you know are already mp3s or wmas, you should go into Tools > Settings > Devices and select the LG device > Quality and un check the “convert files as needed” box.

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