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So you have this huge mp3 library sitting in iTunes and you plug your fancy new LG Android phone into the USB port and iTunes doesn’t want to play with Android.  Well, luckily, there is an app or two or three for that!  And even better it works on both Mac and PC, and some even sync wirelessly! LG Android Phones

There are actually many apps to get iTunes onto Android, but this article is going to talk about the most popular app, and also one that is pre-installed on some LG Android devices…doubleTwist! DoubleTwist not only gets your playlists, mp3’s, photos and videos onto your LG Android device, but with a reasonable $4.99 upgrade it will allow you to sync your music wirelessly using their AirSync feature.  If you need that $5 to buy a coffee today then the free version does the same over USB. LG Phone Problem and Solution

Step 1: Download and install the Mac or PC client application from here:

Step 2:  If you do not already have doubleTwist installed on your phone, then find it in Android Market and download it.  The FREE version syncs over USB, the $4.99 version syncs wirelessly and also streams to your Xbox, PS3, and TV from your phone.

Step 3: Launch the doubleTwist app on your LG Android phone

Step 4: Launch the doubleTwist app on your Mac or PC and plug your phone into USB.

Step 5: Enable USB Mass Storage on your phone so that it can mount to your computer.

Step 6: Select "Sync music to device" and then either "All Music" or "Selected Playlists" to select which music you would like to share to your device.

Step 7: Click the "Sync" button and wait for the music to copy over.

Step 8: Unmount your phone by pressing the Eject button in the doubleTwist Mac/PC app.





Step 9: Turn off USB Storage on your LG Android Device and unplug it from USB

Step 10: Give doubleTwist on Android a few minutes to read the SD Card and update it’s library.  You’ll see a notification when it’s complete.

That’s it!  You now have music, videos, and photos synced to your LG Android device and it’s just as easy as using iTunes!  Now take it to the next level and use AirSync without the wires if you want an even better solution!

Note:  DRM music purchased via iTunes will not work on non Apple devices and will not be copied over.  Luckily most of the music sold in iTunes over the last couple years is DRM free and will work just fine!

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