How to SIM Unlock LG G2

This is the unlock guide for the LG G2 smartphone that I just want to share with you. If you have seen this, just ignore it. I used the following site for unlocking my AT&T’s LG G2 got the code within 30 minutes. Not sure whether it works on Verizon or T-Mobile.

Now let’s begin the steps.

  1. Dial: 2945#*model number# (800 in case of AT&T G2)
  2. Tap "Network Lock" button.
  3. Enter SIM unlock code. Should tell you successfully unlocked (or something similar).
  4. Wait for it to reboot. Mine got stuck at a blue screen for some reason (thought I bricked it somehow), but rebooting fixed it.

Have fun unlocked to any network.

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