How to Shut off the LG Pop Camera Sound

I’ve been searching a little while to find how to shut off the LG Pop camera sound. And the problem is finally solved. For that, you have the option to choose from 3 sounds. Where are they save? LG Phone Problem and Solution

Path: LGAPP/Media/Events sounds
there are:
01 Shutter Sound 01.mp3
02 Shutter Sound 02.mp3
03 Shutter Sound 03.mp3
is necessary to substitute empty mp3 a file one of files, that’s all

Where to find that path? Check out How to Change cust_theme on LG Pop for your asking. Maybe can help you a lot. enjoy! LG-Pop info

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  1. gd 510 handset is very good featurs are excellent,except one problem that motion silent featurs of this handset is not working properly some times.plz suggest a solution.

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