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We all know that google put the camera sounds file under the path /system/media/ui/. If you want to disable your LG Nexus 4’s camera sound, you can just delete those files from the folder. But there is a problem, that is, once you flash the next nightly on your phone, the camera sounds will be back again.

Here we introduce you the mod that can gets rid of the camera’s shutter and video start/stop sounds. It simply renames the sound files so there is .bak at the end of the file name. This mod supports addon.d!

What is addon.d?

On some ROMs like Cyanogenmod10.1, there are scripts in /system/addon.d that run during a ROM flash. They can backup and restore apps, or perform many other functions. In this case, it will rename the sound files again when you flash a ROM update. No need to flash the after every ROM update.

How to Shut off the LG Nexus 4 Camera Sound?

  1. Download and place the Enable zip file to the root of your sd card
  2. Boot into recovery
  3. Flash the “Enable zip” file
  4. Reboot and enjoy

How to recover the LG Nexus 4 Camera Sound?

  • Download and place the Disable zip file to the root of your sd card
  • Boot into recovery
  • Flash the “Disable zip” file
  • Reboot and enjoy


Warning: Do this at your own risks. I am not responsible for any damage of your phone.

Thanks to rmkilc sharing the method

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