How to Shut off LG Optimus 7 Camera Sound

In order to shut off the LG Optimus 7 Camera’s sound, we should enter into the Airplane mode. Remember that you must first to root your LG Optimus 7, or it won’t be successful. LG Phone Problem and Solution

1.Press ##634# in the "phone" app to enter the MFG
2.Enter the password: 277634#*#
3. Press 7.Engineer Menu
4. Press 6.Other Setting
5. Press Edit registry
7. For ‘Input SUB_PATH" : Audio\StreamClass\Output\10
8. For Input KEY and Select data type ,
Select: DWORD
9. For Input data : 0
10. Press "Set"
11. Reboot your phone
12. Finish!!!

The volume of the LG Optimus 7’s camera shutter sound depends on the volume of the ringtone, you need to set the ringtone volume to be zero to mute the shutter sound. LG-Optimus info

Hope it can help all of you. Thanks to desmondkwok sharing this tutorial for us. LG Windows Phone 7

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