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We know the #1 is for Voice Mail. Can someone tell me how to set the rest numbers 0-9 as one touch / speed dialing on LG Ally? LG Phone Problem and Solution

Sorry for LG Ally owners. It is now known that it doesn’t exist with the LG Ally. What you can do is add Direct Dial shortcuts to the desktop of one (or more) of your screens. Just long press on the background and select Shortcuts / Direct dial / and select the person/number you want. Good Luck! LG-Ally info

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phil on 17 October, 2010 at 4:38 pm #

I’m just now finding out that on our new cell phones; DroidX (10 speed dials) and LG Ally (NO speed dials)!! Isn’t that nice!! If I had known this about these phones, I would never have bought them. I would have rather stayed with the UNSMART phones. It would have been nice to know this beforehand!!!!

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