How to set dual clock on LG Optimus LTE 2

This is the guide about how to set dual clock on an LG Optimus LTE 2, the settings can remove the dual clock while roaming. I have tested this on my F160K.

How to set the dual clock on LG Optimus LTE 2

  1. Firstly, root the phone
  2. Download and install sqlite editor along with Root Explorer.
  3. Open RE, go to data/data/
  4. Search to roaming dualclock (databases –> setting.db –> secue –> roaming clock _dual. the value 0 to 1. tested ok..)
  5. Line (change the value in the roaming clock, 0=on 1=off) save and reboot
  6. Enjoy.

Warning: Change the settings at your own risks. I’m not responsible for any damage or brick.

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