How to Save SMS Messages from LG Viewty to PC

Hi, guys. Here is a good tutorial on how to Save SMS Messages from LG Viewty to your PC, I’ve tested and it works great for me. Hope this helps you too. Don’t know if it’s the best but at least works, if you find other ways please post here. LG Phone Problem and Solution

Saving SMS Messages from LG Viewty to your PC Steps:

1. Download LG PC Suite III from here…eIII_Setup.exe or here LG PC Suite 3 Download

2. Install it. You need to have the LG Viewty driver installed. Not sure if PC Suite III comes with one though.

At this point i was unable to do anything with my LG Viewty (even if it was connected, PC Suite wasn’t allowing me to do anything – asking to check the USB…) If you don’t have any problem like this skip to step 4.

3. Go to the folder where PC Suite is installed. Example: C:\Program Files\LG Electronics\LG PC Suite III then go into the folder "res", open the file "PhoneInfo.ini" and add the line "KU990=Sync,Contact,Contents,Message,Backup,Music,A AS,Java,ITK,VP,AutoRun" (without that space between A and AS – don’t know but the forum doesn’t let me write it together) right after the 3 similar ones (under [Phone]). Save the file.

4. Open LG PC Suite III. Go to Messages. Click on the SMS button (up). Click RELOAD and wait. Now go to FILE->SAVE. I recommend saving the Inbox separately from the Sentbox just to be organised. So check "Part of messages". Choose one of those 3, a location and that’s all. CSV files can be opened with Microsoft Office Excel. LG-Viewty info

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  1. Ahoj, chtěl bych se zeptat, mám LG PC Suite IV a nevím,kam se ukládají sms, hledal jsem různě ale nenašel jsem. mohl by ses na to kouknout nebo to nějak zjistit? díky moc

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