How to root the recent V10J Gingerbread on LG Nitro HD?

I’ve just updated my LG Nitro HD to the latest software version LG-P930-V10j-FEB-26-2012 and tying to root it. I’ve tried superoneclick all versions from 2.3.1 – 2.3.3. With v2.3.1 I got to step #7 and the program hangs just like everyone has said and with the other 2 versions it stopped responding at Starting ADB server.

How can I even root? Is there a way to root? Or that there is no any way at all to root the most recent V10J software? If you have any idea leaving here I would be eternally grateful.

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3 thoughts on “How to root the recent V10J Gingerbread on LG Nitro HD?”

  1. According to XDA, this update blocked any possible way to root the phone. Maybe the Devs/Mods can figure out to do it but until then we are SOL.

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