T-Mobile G2X can be rooted using popular one click rooting tool called “SuperOneClick”. Apart from T-Mobile G2X, it can root many other android devices as well. Here is a guide on how to root T-Mobile G2X using SuperOneClick tool. LG Android Phones

Caution: Before going for rooting instructions, you need to have certain requirements fulfilled. Proceed at your own risk. We are not responsible if your device gets bricked or damaged during the process. LG Cell Phone Software


1. Install ADB driver, you can find this on

2. Download “” on to your computer and extract it’s contents.

How to Root T-Mobile G2X Steps: LG Phone Problem and Solution

1. Put your Samsung Captivate into “USB Debugging Mode”. To do it, go to “Applications”—> “Settings” –> “Applications” –> “Development” –> and check the box “USB debugging”.

2. Connect the T-Mobile G2X to your computer using USB Cable.

3. Open the download the extracted folder content “SuperOneClickv1.6.5-ShortFuse” and run the executable “SuperOneClick.exe”.

4. Click on “Root” button. Sit back and relax till the process ends.

In few seconds, your T-Mobile G2X should get rooted! You now have full file system access and can now install apps that need root access for working. It’s really that simple. Enjoy !! LG-Optimus info

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