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Rooting the T-Mobile G-Slate opens up a world of possibilities that would otherwise be out of reach. Root access gives you complete control of the system, which means you can do much more with the device than LG and your carrier, T-Mobile probably want you to do. It lets you install awesome root-only apps, uninstall apps that can’t normally be removed, do complete backups (Nandroid), flash custom ROMs, apply themes, change boot animations, and more. LG Pad

Thanks to XDA-Developers forum member Chandon, who brought us the invaluable method for rooting T-Mobile G-Slate.

Warning: Rooting your T-Mobile G-Slate at your own risk. we are not responsible if your device gets damaged or bricked during the process.


How to Root T-Mobile G-Slate Steps:

  1. Put those four files that you downloaded in a directory and open a terminal to there.
  2. Shut down your T-Mobile G-Slate and plug it into your computer via USB.
  3. Hold down both volume buttons and press the power button. The T-Mobile G-Slate will not appear to turn on, but it’ll go into APX mode.
  4. Running "lsusb" should show an entry "0955:7820 NVidia Corp."
  5. Run the command "sudo su" to get a root shell. Running "ls" should still show the four files.
    • ./nvflash –bl bootloader.bin –getpartitiontable ptable.txt
    • ./nvflash -r –read 8 system-orig.img
  6. Wait while 400 meg of data copies.
    • cp system-orig.img system.img
    • mkdir system
    • mount -o loop system.img system
    • cp su system/bin
    • chmod 4755 system/bin/su
    • cp Superuser.apk system/app
    • umount system
    • ./nvflash -r –download 8 system.img
  7. Wait while it copies back.
    • ./nvflash -r –sync
  8. Press the reset button under the sim cover to reboot.

    That’s it! You should now have complete root access on your T-Mobile G-Slate.


    • You may need to install the package libstdc++6 or lib32stdc++6 to get nvflash to run.
    • You may need to use "sudo" on the nvflash commands.
    • If you want to try to make this work on Windows, the nvflash.exe binary and the APX USB drivers are are available from

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