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Whether you are new to root, or an old hat at it, following these simple steps will get you root access on your Sprint / Boost Mobile LG Marquee. That means you’re going to have access to the file system, system settings, be able to flash custom ROMs, get wifi tethering working, and all that good stuff.

How to Root Sprint / Boost Mobile LG Marquee Steps:

1. Download and install the latest JDK for your computer. Make sure you get the correct version for your operating system.
JDK Download >>>

2. Download and Install the correct usb driver for your LG Marque.

3. Download the KDZ file LS855ZV9_11.S9_00.P60680.kdz

4. Download the KDZ Updater >>> Android Forums

5. Unzip the LG_KDZ_FW-Update_OfflineFix. This will create a folder named KDZ_FW_UPD_EN go ahead and open this folder.

6. Inside the KDZ_FW_UPD_EN folder is a application called windows enabler, right click on this file and choose run as administrator.

7. Inside the KDZ_FW_UPD_EN folder you will see another application called KDZ_FW_UPD right click on it and choose run as administrator. This will launch the KDZ updater. Leave the default settings alone should be set at CDMA- Smart Phone(WM) Phone Mode (DIAG).

8. Load the KDZ file you downloaded previously into the kdz updater, just click on the little folder where it says KDZ file. After this is loaded your ready to prepare your LG Marquee for the update.

9. In your phone go to settings browse to connectivity, if you have it checked to ask on plug uncheck that. And make sure the Default connection mode is set to charge only.

10. On your phone go to settings browse to Applications then browse to Developement and check the enable USB debugging mode. Once this is checked you can go ahead and exit out and power your phone off and connect it to your computer using the usb cable.

11. Back at the kdz updater tool click on the launch software update button.

Boost users immediately press the power button on your phone right after you click on the launch software update.

Sprint users count to 12 and then power on your phone.

I had to read the forums to figure out how to get this to work on boost and on sprint and trust me the timing is everything, if your LG Marquee boots all the way up you’ve messed up on the timing otherwise it will boot into the update screen. If you mess up the first time just try it again it only took me 1 try to get the boost to work, and 3 tries to get the sprint to work.

Once the update begins just leave the phone alone until the update completes and the phone reboots.

Boost users you will now see the welcome to now network from sprint on boot. Not to worry though were gonna root the phone and then you can install the rooted LS855ZV4 stock so your phone will be back to normal shortly.

If your LG Marquee gets stuck in the continuous boot loop after running the update. Just power off your phone, and hold the volume down + the power on button until your phone boots into the factory recovery manager. You will need to use the volume rocker to scroll up and down and use the menu button on your phone as the enter button. You will want to clear catch and restore phone to factory default. You will see the options in the factory recovery window just browse the clear cache and then to the restore factory default settings and after that click the reboot.

Now your LG Marquee should boot up successfully without the continuous boot loop. Now we can go ahead and get the phone rooted!

12. Download the LG Marquee root zip >>> Free Cloud Storage – MediaFire

13. With your LG Marquee powered on go ahead and make sure your settings are still correct, you need to have it set to charge only, and have usb debugging enabled. Once that is complete plug your phone into the computer using the usb cable this time leave the phone on.

14. Extract the LG Marquee root zip and inside the LG Marquee root folder you will see a batch file named run, go ahead and execute it by double clicking on it. Give it a few minutes and you should see it looking up the phone and copying files over when it’s complete it will pop up finished press any key to continue. Go ahead and press a key and this will close it.

15. Your phone should now be rooted go ahead and download root check basic from the play store. Run it and it should verify your root.
Now that your phone is rooted you can install CWM and well the rest is history.

16. Download CWM >>>

Extract the LGMarquee CWM, this won’t produce a folder just a few files.

17. Make sure your phone is plugged in to the computer, powered on and debugging is still enabled, should be as long as you haven’t changed them and been following this guide.

18. Double click on the cwm-install-windows launcher that was extracted in the previous steps this will open the installer, you simply press 1 on the keyboard and then enter on the keyboard and it will install CWM.

Now that your phone is rooted and CWM is installed we can now use CWM to install the stock rooted updated SW versions for our phones. Or you can install ctmod and one of the updated kernels if you choose to. I’m gonna walk you through getting your phone back to stock with the rooted permissions.

19. Download the rooted stock SW for your phone.

20. Now on your phone go to settings and browse to connectivity and then choose default connection mode storage. Plug the phone back into the computer and choose open to view files. Just copy the zip you downloaded in the previous step onto your phone SD card somewhere remember where you put it though. I created a new folder called STOCK and put the zip file in it.

21. Disconnect the phone from the pc and power it off. Hold the volume down + power button until you boot into CWM it takes a little bit so keep them held down until it boots CWM.

22. I would recommend making a backup of your current system using cwm before you install the stock rom so if anything goes wrong.
Using the volume up and down to browse the menu’s and navigate CWM, browse to the install zip from sd card select it using the power button, and browse to the zip file you copied over and select it and it will install the rom and reboot to CWM.

23. In CWM clear the catch, and then reboot if your phone gets stuck and won’t boot, power it off boot back into CWM and do factory reset. Once your phone boots again you will be finished. Your back to stock with root access and you can install one of the custom kernels and SW or whatever you can with your new root access.


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