How to Root LG Revolution VS910ZV8 Gingerbread

The main purpose of this article is teach you how to get a rooted stock VS910ZV8 Gingerbread rom on your LG Revolution. But first, i must premise that this will not root if you are already on ZV8!

Caution: Do this at your own risk, Iā€™m not responsible for any damage or brick on your phone.

How to Root LG Revolution VS910ZV8 Steps:

  1. Make sure you have zv7 firmware (any form) on your LG Revolution (update or downgrade your device).
  2. Install CWM recovery on your phone
  3. Download this file:
  4. Flash that file in CWM
  5. Reboot into the OS
  6. Update your LG Revolution to ZV8
  7. You can get CWM recovery by running this ZV8CWMRecovery.bat:
  8. You now have the rooted stock ZV8 CWM Recovery on your phone! Enjoy!

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