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The LG Optimus U community is certainly not as massive as the other communities in our forums. But I am sure many people have been looking for a rooting method, well this is it. This method was discovered by one of the LG Optimus lover called MikesTooLz, and is now available for LG Optimus U owners to use. LG Android Phones

That’s really simple and easy to root the LG Optimus U.

  1. Open your LG Optimus U
  2. Go to Android Market
  3. Download and install z4root by RyanZA (not the Chinese one)
  4. Run it and root your LG Optimus U. LG-Optimus info

Basically rooting allows you to run software/hacks you normally couldn’t. That is to say you can rename or delete the system files, tether your phone to pc and etc. LG Phone Problem and Solution

z4root will not work if you have upgraded to Android v. 2.2.1. There are tutorials around this site that tell you how to “downgrade” back to v. 2.2, but be careful, you have the responsible for any damage. LG Android Phones

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Jason on 9 October, 2011 at 7:51 pm #

Thanks for this. I came from Sprint and the HTC Hero, and there was a lot of root and ROM support for those. But, you’re right, not much support for these. I’m kinda suprised considereing how inexpensive they are, and they have lots more RAM than the Hero. Thanks for posting!

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