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For all those who wished to root their LG Optimus S which has been updated to Version LS670ZVC, here it is as we will see on how you can easily root your LG Optimus S in the due course of this article. Rooting has many advantages as we have already seen for all phones. The advantages includes the ability to provide gateway for installing the Custom ROMs to modify the system applications which are otherwise not possible without the root access. Though the best part of the LG Phones is that despite rooting which voids the warranty, you can undo this change and you can revoke the root access at any point of time so that you can get back to your original ROM without the Root access. LG Android Phones

Caution: If you accepted the OTA update (didn’t use the LGMobile update tool) on the LG Optimus S, this guide will not work as-is. You will first need to force-flash the previous version of the software (V9), then update to VC using an alternative method. Instructions for doing this can be found here. If your phone came with ZVC (or ZVD), this also applies to you! LG Phone Problem and Solution

Following is the full instructions on how to Root LG Optimus S with version LS670ZVC: LG-Optimus info

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