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This is buried in a thread in the main help section, but I wanted to give it its own headline because it works and it makes rooting LG Optimus M Android 2.2.1 much simpler than flashing back to 2.2. I want to give credit and thanks to joneidy for the original post. LG Android Phones

Very first thing to do is to download the drivers go here LG Optimus M MS690 Cell Phones & Mobile Phones – LG Electronics US and download the drivers and install them.

The software tools you will need are found in the latest version of a package called LGNPST. Go here and Download it.
Open the file and extract these files to your desktop LGNTPS_Components_Ver_5_0_12_0.msi
Also extract LGNTPST.exe and the Model and the cdaworkshop folders.
Run LGNTPS_General_v1.2_Lab_Version.msi file, let it install if ask for reboot do it. Then run LGNTPS_Components_Ver_5_0_12_0.msi and let it install if ask for reboot do it. Then Run LGNTPS_Generic_Models_ver_5_0_10_0.msi let it install if ask for reboot do it.

After all these files install, locate the LGNTPS.exe file on your desktop and copy it to: C:\LG Electronics\LGNPST. Make a shortcut to the desktop because it’s required to run the program. Also copy the Model folder on your desktop to C:\LG Electronics\LGNPST as well. Go to C:\LG Electronics\LGNPST\Model and delete all the files except for MS690.dll, MS690ZV3_36.scr, Reggie.exe and Setup.exe. Then drag the MS690.dll file on top of the Reggie.exe file to register the MS690.dll file. LG Cell Phone Software

After all of the above download this file MS690ZV4-root.zip and extract it to your C:\ drive. (On your C:\ should be the following files: 3017nam1.prl, busybox, MS690ZV4-root.bin, su and Superuser.apk)

Run LGNTPS from your desktop shortcut. Make sure the program is set to Provision option and under Provision should be Upgrade. Where it says bin File click on the folder and look for MS690ZV4.bin that should be on your C:\ drive and select it. Check the box where says SCR file and select the MS690ZV3_36.scr on C:\LG Electronics\LGNPST\Model. Check the PRL File box and select the 3017nam1.prl on you C:\ drive.

After that is done click start, the program needs the SPC code. So open cdaworkshop on your desktop and open cdma workshop.exe. After the programs load select your COM port where the cellphone is connected (It is shown on the right side of LGNTPS on the phone info tab) then click connect. Go to the security tab and where it says SPC scroll down and select the LG method. Click read and write down the your SPC code, then type it in LGNTPS and the process of updating your LG Optimus M should begin. When the process is at 43% the cell phone restart DON’T do anything to your LG Optimus M (don’t even touch it until it reachs 100%). After it reachs 100% the LG Optimus M should be on the lock screen without service.

Note: this is a simple process but is not as simple as a one click root. You will need a working adb shell, which requires having your computer configured with the proper drivers. Go to Android SDK | Android Developers and download the file that ends on .zip. Extract it to your C:\ drive. Go to C:\android-sdk-windows and open sdkmanager.exe. After is open a windows will pop out click reject on all files except for:
Android SDK Tools and Android SDK Platform tools. Make sure USB debugging is activated (On your LG Optimus M go to settings> applications>development and check USB debugging) Then open up cmd and type the following: cd C:\android-sdk-windows\platform-tools.

After that type: adb push C:\su /data/local/tmp/ (to copy the su file)
then type: adb push C:\busybox /data/local/tmp/ (to copy the busybox file)
Then type: adb install C:\Superuser.apk (to install the superuser app)

Reboot your LG Optimus M and check if you got service. To install new Recovery Menu for 2.2. phones and get service back go to this thread. Then install a program from market called anreboot. Install the app and open it up, then select reboot system. If everything went alright your phone will restart and it will have service and will be rooted.
To verify root go to market download terminal emulator from Jack Pal. Then open it up and type su, if you get # you are successfully root. LG-Optimus info

Via http://androidforums.com

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Paul Palmer on 9 July, 2011 at 8:31 pm #

I am trying to learn how to use my LGP509 phone. The LG site is practically useless, it is so disorganized. In this site, you only explain HOW TO do something but you give no idea of WHY anyone should do it. What does Gingerbread or Root mean and why is it useful? Also is there any way to get a driver for my phone? I downloaded B2CAppSetup.exe but it won’t run properly. It makes me choose a model but it won’t list my model (the choice box is empty) and so nothing works.

katie on 24 March, 2012 at 1:18 pm #

I cannot get the MS690.dll to open with reggie. iot gives me an error messagE everytime HRESULT==0x80020009 Exception occurred.

Anonymous on 15 August, 2012 at 7:53 pm #

sos la hostia, mano, felicidades, me dio brega pero finalmente lo logré. gracias por el aporte

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