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This is not a simple root on LG Optimus Elite, and is very involved. Risks do come with it. Please read this post in its entirety before attempting. It requires flashing of a specially built firmware, along with the one time use of a root script.

Things you need before installing the rootable firmware on LG Optimus Elite:

  • Firmware (tot file) and root script (md5sum: 84aa453af6d2fe0f97473fc220547ba8): VM696-Root-AndroidPolice.zip
  • LGNPST 1.2.0 Lab Version (md5sum: 5d223e8d5e587ede945cb43c4b0c654f): LG-LGNPST12.rar
  • Patched dll for the flashing tool (md5sum: b7a7fa74520732e16fb2529e5a5e6792): VM696.dll

First things first, you need to obtain your MSL code. If you do not already have it, use this guide.

Unzip VM696-Root-AndroidPolice.zip, and follow this guide provided by WhisperPntr to flash the rootable firmware.

How to root LG Optimus Elite Steps:

  1. Start the phone in "download mode". From a completely powered off phone, press and hold on BOTH the volume up and volume down then connect the USB cable to the phone. It should then display an LG logo, have a circular double arrow then text that says "Download is in progress. Do not disconnect cable."
  2. On your PC, open Device Manager and mark down your com port in download mode. Make a note of your COM port number from Ports > LGE Android Platform USB Serial Port > Properties > Port Settings > Advanced > COM port number
  3. Disconnect the cable, and power off the phone by pulling out the battery. Then replace the battery, power up the phone and once it’s started, plug in the USB.
  4. ##DIAG# with your MSL and check your com port
    On your phone go and dial the code ##3424# and it should ask for your MSL.  Once inputed, check Ports > LGE Android Platform USB Serial Port > Properties > Port Settings > Advanced. If it is NOT the same as the COM # from step 2, change it so it matches.  It may give a prompt regarding conflict.  Ignore it.
  5. Select the dll in LGNPST. Open up LGNPST and you should see 1 port connected.  Go to File > Select DLL > VM696.dll
  6. Choose the phone. Double click the phone that is on standby and the Phone Setting should light up (this is now a good time to back up in case the flash hoses the phone)
  7. Select the bin and flash the file. Ensure that you are on the Upgrade Setting, and then in the Bin File section click the folder to browse to your tot file.
  8. Flash the file and wait for reboot. Press start and do NOT move your USB cable or phone.  If all goes well it should reboot in give or take 5-15 minutes.  If at any point you see more than one port connected then you did NOT set the com ports correctly and need to do that first and foremost.

Once the new firmware is flashed, enable USB debugging and push su and the root script. Pay attention to the paths, do not push to a different path or it will not work.

  • adb push su /data/local/tmp/su
  • adb push jc.sh /data/local/tmp/jc.sh
  • adb shell chmod 755 /data/local/tmp/jc.sh
  • adb reboot

On reboot, su will be installed, download Superuser from the Google Play store and enjoy.


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