How to Root LG MyTouch (Guide)

The LG MyTouch has been rooted. The process is fairly simple for experienced rooters, but even folks new to the scene should be able to pull it off without a hitch. LG Android Phones

I bought the white LG MyTouch from T-Mobile and I absolutely love it. Following is the full instructions that are specifically for the LG MyTouch. Let’s do it step by step, it’s simple and safe. LG Phone Problem and Solution

Things you’ll need:

  1. LG MyTouch USB Drivers
  2. ADB installed
  3. SuperOneClick

Make sure you have done the following before you Root:

  • Fully charge the battery
  • Download and install the LG MyTouch Drivers on your computer
  • Enable USB debugging by going to Menu, Settings, Applications, Development and checking USB debugging.

OK, let’s begin the magic of rooting LG MyTouch.

  1. Download and install the SuperOneClick
  2. Open the ADB and check that ADB recognizes device: C:\> adb devices
  3. Enter the following commands:
    • WINDOWS> adb shell
    • $ echo 1 > /data/local/lge_adb.conf
    • $ exit
  4. Open SuperOneClick
  5. Hit the Root button to begin the rooting process
  6. Wait for SuperOneClick to finish and it will reboot

Now you have get your LG MyTouch rooted, cheers.

If you are planning to unroot you LG MyTouch, follow all the steps, and in Step 5 click One Click Unroot.



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  1. all i want to do is remove pre-installed apps that are on the phone. i know nothing about rooting, i did do some of the beginning steps, so i have dowloaded the necessary programs but not sure what to do from there…

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