How to Root LG Genesis

For all you LG Genesis owners, who have been patiently waiting for someone to root the Android device, the wait is finally over! I had my LG Genesis rooted with Gingerbreak app. Worked like a charm! Hope this will help you. LG Phone Problem and Solution

Please backup your data before rooting your LG Genesis because they all will be erased. Now let’s go.  LG Android Phones

Rooting LG Genesis by using Gingerbreak app (Thanks and make a donation to the author)

  1. Download the Gingerbreak app here
  2. Make sure USB debugging is enabled
  3. Make sure you have an SD card (formatted and) inserted
  4. Get the GingerBreak APK on the phone somehow, and install it
  5. Open the GingerBreak APK, press the root button
  6. Wait a few minutes. If there are no problems, the device will reboot (note that the reboot itself can take like 10 minutes due to cache wipe)
  7. Make sure the Superuser app is install and working

Having done this, you should have rooted your LG Genesis using the above instructions. Goode luck.

Caution: Please note, that all the risks, you are going to bear it. I’m not reliable.

I hope this post have helped you. If you have any question, ask in the post, i gonna check regularly.

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