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This root method has been confirmed for LG G Flex F340-series, AT&T D950, D955-series and D958-series. D959 and LS995 are not tested.

Things you may need to download:

How to root LG G Flex Steps:

  1. Confirm your LG G Flex is supported above
  2. Download latest IOroot20 zip and extract it.
  3. Set phone in USB Debugging mode.
  4. Set USB mode to Charging only
  5. Plug your phone to the PC
    • On Windows operating systems: Download and install proper ADB driver. Double-click on root.bat
    • On Linux operating systems: cd into IOroot folder -> chmod +x root.sh -> sh ./root.sh
    • On Mac operating systems: cd into /IOroot/mac folder -> chmod + x root.sh -> ./root.sh
  6. Follow the onscreen instructions.

Your phone will reboot after the steps. Now you can confirm root with rootchecker.

This toolkit also works for other LG Phones, including LG Optimus G and LG G2.


The IOroot23 [Download] is now working on all LG G Flex and G2 phones:

LG G Flex:

  • F340 series – All
  • AT&T D950 – All
  • D955 series – All
  • D958 series – All
  • D959 series – All
  • Sprint LS995 – All

LG G2:

  • D800 – D80010d/D80010o
  • D801 – TMO(all), CLR(all), WND(all), VTR(all)
  • D802 – all
  • D803 – all
  • D805 – all
  • D806 – all
  • F320K (Shipping ROM)
  • F320K – F320K20a/20f
  • F320L (Shipping ROM)
  • F320L – F320L20b/20e
  • F320S (Shipping ROM)
  • F320S – F320S20a/20g
  • Sprint LS980 – All
  • Verizon VS980 – All

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