How to Root LG Esteem ZVD

This is aimed at new "LG Esteem rooters". The process is incredibly easy. I also take no responsibility if you mess up somehow. LG Android Phones

How to Root LG Esteem ZVD Steps: LG-Esteem info

  1. Download the LG USB drivers on your PC. Extract and install it.
  2. Install LG ADB Drivers if on windows.
  3. Do a ‘Factory data reset’ on your phone: Settings-Privacy-Factory data reset-Check the box to "Erase Internal SD card"-then select "Reset phone".
  4. To Root download the OneClick tool from windows or Linux/Mac.  Extract them to a folder.
  5. Put your phone in USB debugging: Settings-Applications-Development USB debugging
  6. Plug your phone into computer -Run the "runautorun.exe"
  7. Select "Internet Connection Mode"
  8. Find the run.bat and execute it. For Mac, you can go to terminal browse to the folder and execute
  9. Once done, you will see a terminal window instructing to press enter to root your phone. Go ahead with the process.

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3 thoughts on “How to Root LG Esteem ZVD”

  1. way is not there a link for LG esteem drivers for mac? drivers are for windows only don’t work one a mac.

  2. ADB Drivers- where for LG Esteem? If LG Optimus is compatible- what’s ‘THAT’ model number? Tried with just the STD usb drivers- but the root app gives me a lot of ‘adb’ not recognized… have a good day.

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