How to Return LG Optimus M to Stock

This guide is for those who want to return their LG Optimus M back to a stock 2.2.1 ROM after installing Android 2.2.2. LG Android Phones

Now, you’ll need the following files before starting the procedure:

Warning: LGNPST is used to upgrade / downgrade firmware and perform other data functions on LG phones. Only use this if you know what you’re doing, otherwise you’ll brick your phone. LG Phone Problem and Solution

How to Return LG Optimus M to Stock Steps:

1. Download and install LGNPST if you haven’t already:


2. Then you need to open the bin the little folder icon and chose the downloaded bin file. looks like


3. When you get it selected it looks like


4. Then you need to select the prl, if you want if you don’t you will keep the prl you have. but this will be a way to get on the newest one and possibly get some 3g speed.


5. Then after all that you will see


6. Now just press start, and do not unplug until the process is at 100%. Also have a battery that has 40% or more of a charge, makes things less likely to go wrong. LG-Optimus info

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3 thoughts on “How to Return LG Optimus M to Stock”

  1. Under Model, my phone says unknown, and I can only get anything to show when my phone goes into S/W Upgrade, if I don’t put it in that mode, my phone just turns on, shows LG, then reboots and repeats. One day my phone just did this with no warning, I’ve been rooted with no issues, and one day it was just bricked I guess. Trying to reinstall the software, but not getting anywhere. It’ saying unable to load components or something

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