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Following it the tutorial on how to resize flash game for your LG Phones, Hope it helps, enjoy! LG Cell Phone Software

How to resize flash game for your LG Phones Steps:

1.You need to have Adobe Flash Cs3 and program Sothink SWF Decompiler 3 !!!

2.If you have Flash (.swf) game you need to convert it to .fla format !!!

a) You can do that with program called „Sothink SWF Decompiler“ !!!
IMPORTANT: You will need to Download full version of this program because if you don’t have full version the Actionscript will be disabled and then you could not resize it !!!!!!!!!!!!
b)When you open the program just select you flash game that you want to convert to .fla and click on EXPORT FLA !!! LG Phone Problem and Solution



3.When you did that open converted file(.fla) with Adobe Flash Cs3 !!!

4.Then you need to choose Size (Background) 240×400 !!! Like this:
a) image


5.After you done that you need to put all objects to 240×400 (On all frames at first layer ) !!! Like this:

a)Choose First Frame(At first layer) !!!



b)Choose all objects on first frame(When you choose all objects on First frame(At first layer) it may automatically switch to another layers and frames(Blue Lines) so don’t worry about that)  !!!



c)Put size 240×400 !!!



6.After you done that you must repeat to  second frame,third frame,fourth frame…thill end of Frames at First layer !!!!

7.When you have resized all objects on all Frames at first layer you need to Export it (Blue line-last frame that you need to resize) !!! Like this:



8.Then you need to choose where you whant to SAVE IT !!!


9.After that you will need to choose what version of flash do you whant and what Actionscript version do you whant !!! If you whant to work on our LG COOKIE you need to choose FLASHLITE 2.1( For flash version) and Actionscript 1.0 or 2.0(For Actionscript version) .

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