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Hi, because with last update increased count of people with bricked phone, I just tried search for way how to repair the LG Optimus One. It seems, that last possible way how to save your phone is emergency mode. LG Phone Problem and Solution

I would like to notify you, that I didn’t tested it (I’m had not luck enough to brick my phone yet ). I just searched and tried write this for help to others.

So, let’s go on.
1) If it’s not possible connect to phone via ADB (in Android SDK/tools run "adb shell") at all you will try next steps. If it will work, you can use another, verified tools like custom recovery or KDZ_FW_UPD (search on forum for more) [HOWTO] Flash original firmware on P500, )
2) If you fail in previous step, you can try enter into emergency mode manually and try to flash ROM with KDZ_FW_UPD:

  1. Download KDZ updater and uncompress it
  2. Install msxml.msi from the uncompressed directory
  3. Charge your battery to almost full state (I’m not sure, but it can be reason if phone doesn’t start)
  4. Turn phone off somehow (remove battery etc.)
  5. Install drivers properly
    • Get rid of all usb drivers like Nokia, microsoft visual ++ run time environments
    • Install the LG drivers by selecting the update manager from the LG site
    • Disable LGE Virtual Modem. In your Windows operating system, go to Control Panel > System > Hardware > Device Manager > Modems > Right click on LGE Virtual Modem and click Disable.
  6. Press and keep pressed "Volume up"+"Return" and connect USB cable to phone
  7. Yellow screen with text emergency mode should appeared
  8. Shake the handset (I know, it sounds … strange, but it helps for ones, so… why don’t try it?) UPDATE: Read some quotes on bottom.
  9. Run KDZ_FW_UPD.exe (Has administrator).
    Select Type : 3GQCT (I have one report that CDMA mod works too)
    Select PhoneMode : DIAG (in case of fail try EMERGENCY, and as last chance use CS_EMERGENCY)
  10. I Recommend do not switch phone off. There was some people, which done it and after they was not be able to turn it on again. If flashing failed, just select some another mode and try it again, again, try shake/connect disconnect, again, again….
  11. In KDZ file : Choose the ROM file you downloaded in the first step
  12. Press Launch software update
  13. Shake the handset (I know, it sounds … strange, but it helps for ones, so… why don’t try it?) UPDATE: Read some quotes on bottom.

List to do based on Zecanilis’s [HOWTO] Flash original firmware on P500
3) Still no success? Wait for more "What I can do" or just go to LG and let repair on them.
Source:…avido-1166478/ (included file named "Flash help.txt" in application)…erence-thread/
Please let me know if it works. I just searched for way and I haven’t possibility to test this steps for now. I will do update if it will be necessary, same as I will try describe more about software which I founded. LG-Optimus info


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