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I just found this tutorial on mygreatphone forum. Hopefully this will help a lot of you to remove the great Theme Manager from your LG Viewty.

Caution: Please read all of these instructions before attempting to do anything! Very time remember to back-up your firmware first so that if any mistakes are made then you can restore your LG Viewty back to working order. LG-Viewty info

How to Remove Theme Manager from LG Viewty steps:

1. In the same way that you installed theme manager, connect to EFS, so that you have the SWF folder open in the top half and in the bottom half the same, or just the files;
widget4.swf is an additional file supplied by TM so needs deleting rather than copying back.

2. Now you just right click and choose "write" on each of these files in the bottom half so that they copy back to the phone in the top half
There shouldn’t be any need to rename LGAPP to TOTO for this process, but if you get errors then go ahead and do this.

3. Last thing to do is to delete the theme folder from either your memory card or from the theme folder located at LGAPP/Media/Swf/Theme if you used your phones memory
That should be it, no more Theme Manager. LG Phone Problem and Solution

Credit: Nazaroth


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