How to remove CITY ID on LG Chocolate Touch

Here is the a tutorial on how to remove CITY ID on LG Chocolate Touch that I was emailed from customer service. For someone really hate it keeping popping up on my phone after every single phone call. Hope it helps you! enjoy!  LG Phone Problem and Solution

There are two methods depending on your phone model – both are required to end subscription charges: LG-Chocolate Touch info

How to remove CITY ID on the LG Chocolate Touch Method 1: (if you see a blue square icon with a white checkmark in the center labeled “Settings.”)

1. “Menu”.
2. “Get It Now”.
3. The blue icon with a white checkmark for “Settings”.
4. “Manage Apps” (scroll down).
5. The desired application to remove.
6. “Remove” or “Cancel Subscription”.

How to remove CITY ID on the LG Chocolate Touch Method 2: (if only the shopping cart shows and no categories or “Settings” icon appear)

1. "Menu".
2. "Get It Now” Applications.
3. Shopping cart icon.
4. "Options".
5. Application and then select "Remove" or “Cancel Subscription”.
6. "Yes" to confirm your choice.

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8 thoughts on “How to remove CITY ID on LG Chocolate Touch”

  1. Thanks for the help. This app was so annoying, interrupting EVERY phone call!!!

    For anyone else who doesn’t have a “get it now” button on their choc touch… I went to
    a) menu (the button w/ four dots)
    b) media center (the button with an arrow pointing down)
    c) “browse & download”
    d) “city id” should show up there.
    cancel, cancel, cancel it!!!

  2. on my lg phone there is no “menu” or “get it now” suck ass tutorial… you go to media center then brows and download, touch the gear on the left and select remove.

  3. Thank you. My cousin was having this problem and asked me to fix it. Thanks to anonymous above for the post. She didn’t have get it now. Evan is apparently a know it all who should have just followed the first comments help.

  4. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU (to the first Anonymous). That was the most annoying thing of my life. But now it is gone… THANK YOU!

  5. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!! I hated that stupid app! It was so annoying!! I’m so glad it’s FINALLY gone! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! 🙂

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