How to Re-lock an Unlocked LG Optimus 7

Don’t want your LG Optimus 7 unlocked anymore? You can re-lock the phone by using the MFG registry editor. Where is possible to download the app? Just Google it! LG Windows Phone 7

How to Re-Lock your unlocked LG Optimus 7 Steps:

  1. Open the MFG app and use the password to open it. If you don’t know it’s (appmfg#*#)
  2. Go to Engineer Menu -> Other Settings -> Edit Registry
  4. Set your input path to "\Comm\Security\LVMod"
  5. Set your input key to "DeveloperUnlockState" and set to DWORD
  6. Hit Query. Output result should return a "1". If it does continue.
  7. Set your input data box to "0" and hit SET. Output result should be 0
  8. Your phone is now locked. To Unlock the phone redo the above steps but set back to "1" LG-Optimus info

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