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How to make LG eXpo / IQ faster? LG Phone Problem and Solution

Installing the .Net 3.5 framework is really a good idea! Some programs require the updated framework and it has the added benefit of speeding up the LG eXpo / IQ.

You will also see it spelled dotNET because some search engines don’t like a period in front of a word. You will also need to change a registry entry to make .Net 3.5 the default version. LG-eXpo info

The LG eXpo / IQ like every other WM phone comes with .Net 2.0. This is an older version than the current 3.5 or even the beta 3.7. Well you can download .Net 3.5 and install it to your phone from Microsoft. Here is the link:

To install the framework 3.5 on LG eXpo / IQ

  • Download the framework 3.5:
  • Connect the phone to your PC
  • Run the file you have just downloaded
  • You are done!

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